Dallas TX: State Criminal Cases

Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer, Practicing in State and Federal District Court throughout the United States.

Have you been charged with a criminal offense? Are you aware of your defense options?

Attorney Dianne Jones McVay has more than 25 years of experience in the criminal justice system. She is prepared to provide you with aggressive criminal defense.

Whether you have been charged with a felony or a misdemeanor, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney focused on protecting your rights and minimizing the potential consequences. From negotiating the charges or plea bargains to taking your case to trial before a jury, we will take every available step to make sure your rights are protected and your best case is put forward.

A Powerful Criminal Defense Background

Dianne Jones McVay is a former Judge, former Federal Public Defender and former State and Federal Prosecutor, which gives her a profound understanding of how criminal cases are prepared and defended. Attorney Dianne Jones McVay and her legal team are prepared to defend you in virtually any criminal case:

State Cases:

  • Drug offenses:
  • Attorney Dianne Jones McVay has a strong background defending clients whether they are facing drug possession charges or drug trafficking. Attorney Dianne Jones McVay is committed to minimizing the potential consequences.

  • Violent crimes:
  • If you have been charged with a violent crime, such as murder, robbery, burglary, or assault and battery, you face serious potential consequences, such as prison. Dianne Jones McVay will vigorously defend you.


  • Theft:
  • Attorney Dianne Jones McVay protects those accused of any variety of theft charges including shoplifting and credit card fraud.

  • Fraud:
  • Economic crimes require knowledgeable, aggressive representation, by a criminal defense attorney who understands financial investigations. Dianne uses her accounting degree from the University of Texas as Austin and her corporate experience to assist you in the defense of your case. She has successfully prosecuted and defended numerous financial cases. Bank Robbery, Tax Fraud, Wire Fraud, Mail Fraud, Health Care Fraud and Mortgage Fraud.

  • Domestic Violence:
  • In a Domestic violence case, you may want the chance to tell your side of the story. Dianne Jones McVay a former Judge of a Criminal Family Violence Court presided over these kinds of cases for 7 years. Her extensive experience in handling these types of cases will make sure you get the chance to present your case in an effective manner.

  • Sexual Assault:
  • No one wants to live with the lifelong stigma of a sex crime conviction. From rape, statutory rape charges to child abuse, Attorney Dianne Jones McVay can help.