Dallas TX Trials & Appeals

Attorney Dianne Jones McVay has tried in excess of 500 jury and breach trials.  As an experienced litigator Attoney McVay has a wonderful rapport with juries.  Her ability to communicate with individuals from all walks of life, give her the ability to present a case in a concise and effective manner, while addressing the key issues relevant to the case.

  • Former Judge
  • Tried in excess of 500 jury and bench trials
  • Experienced litigator
  • Former Assistant District Attorney (Texas State Prosecutor)
  • Former Assistant Federal Public Defender
  • Former Assistant United States Attorney (Federal Prosecutor)

    An appellate attorney is an attorney who specializes in preparing cases heard in appellate court. Appellate courts hear appeals, which are cases brought to court on the grounds that a prior verdict was unjust. Dianne Jones McVay of the Jones McVay Firm, PLLC posses' the unique skills required to present cases in appellate court and focuses on preparing cases for this venue.

    The Jones McVay Firm focuses on criminal appellate litigation in the United States Courts of Appeals, and North Carolina. We handle a wide variety of appellate litigation, including:

  • Federal Criminal Appeals
  • State Criminal Appeals
  • Petitions for a writ of habeas corpus
  • An appeal typically consists of drafting at least one appellate brief, and arguing the case before a panel of judges, if the court grants permission to do so. In addition to drafting briefs and arguing the case, the Jones McVay Firm is able to assist with any of the following services:

  • Drafting and Filing Petitions for a Writ of Certiorari before the United States Supreme Court
  • Drafting and Filing Petitions for Rehearing and Rehearing En Banc
  • Drafting and Filing Motions to Stay Pending Appeal
  • Drafting and Filing Petitions for Writs of Supersedes
  • Drafting and Filing Interlocutory Writ Petitions

    Most services are provided on a one-time, flat fee basis, affording clients much needed financial predictability in an unpredictable litigation process.